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Gigi Davidson, BSPh, DICVP

Gigi Davidson is the former Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine where she practiced veterinary pharmacy for 35 years. Ms. Davidson received a pharmacy degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 1983 and earned Diplomate status in the International College of Veterinary Pharmacy in 2001. She was inducted into the Phi Zeta Honor Society in 2006 as an honorary member for distinguished advancement of veterinary science. Gigi is a past President of the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists and is the current Chair of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists. Ms. Davidson is the American Pharmacists Association House of Delegates representative for ACVP. Ms. Davidson was the Chair of the United States Pharmacopeia Compounding Expert Committee from 2010- 2020 and continues to serve on that Expert Committee. Gigi is the latest recipient of USP’s Beal Award when in 2015 she became the first female and first veterinary recipient of that award. She has many publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and her primary area of research interest is stability, safety, and efficacy of compounded therapies in non-human species. Her research interests in retirement include drug disposition in Apis mellifera and pharmacological action of plant pollens and nectars on honey bee colonies. Ms. Davidson is the owner of Vetpharm Consulting and is a conservationist beekeeper committed to the survival of honey bee colonies.