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Upon completion of this exercise, you should be able to:

  • Identify the required elements of a prescription.
  • Review a prescription for completeness and legality; identify incomplete or missing information.
  • Differentiate between prescriptions and medication orders.
  • Read, interpret, and translate into English any prescription or medication order written in Latin or other common abbreviations.
  • Identify at least six steps in preparing and dispensing extemporaneous prescriptions required to ensure that the patient receives the correct dose of the prescribed medication.
  • Describe prescription labeling requirements.
  • Produce an appropriate prescription label.

The practice of pharmacy has undergone a major transformation in the twentieth century. Pharmacists have evolved from herbalists, compounding and dispensing a limited formulary of poorly controlled products to drug information specialists handling thousands of sophisticated and highly refined pharmaceutical products.

Although pharmacists are still in a period of significant professional change, it is doubtful that their role in compounding and dispensing products will ever be totally replaced with other professional responsibilities. Regardless of his or her other professional duties, the pharmacist is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the products which he or she dispenses are safe, accurate, and appropriate for the patient. Hence, the pharmacist must possess skills, knowledge, and understanding of basic principles which allow him to maintain accuracy in compounding and dosing.

Part of the definition of compounding is to prepare, mix, assemble, package, or label a drug or device for dispensing as the result of a practitioner’s Prescription Drug Order or initiative based on the pharmacist/patient/prescriber relationship in the course of professional practice.

Prescription and medication orders convey necessary and specific information to the pharmacist. However, they are typically used in different patient-care settings. Prescriptions generally are used for outpatient care and medication orders are used in institutional care.

                  Jacquelyn Hyde, MD
                  123 Upendown Rd.
                  Nowhere, NC 27000
Phone: 555-1234                         DEA # AH0079411

Name: Dan D. Lyon                         Date:   Today     
Address: 123 Jackla Lane                  Phone: 555-5678
    Acetaminophen           gr. v
    Alcohol USP             fl. ss
    Cherry syrup    q.s.    fl. iii
    Sig: 1 tsp. q4-6h prn
    Refills: 1

  ____________________________     ______________________       
  Product selection permitted       Dispense as written


Medication orders are used to order medications for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions. Medication orders also contain orders for procedures, laboratory test, and discharge instructions. One medication order form may request many different medications, whereas prescription forms can request only one medication.

Accurate preparation and dosing are achieved only through systematic adherence to a given series of steps. Errors which occur at any step in this process will result in reduced accuracy of dosing to the patient. These steps include:

  1. Identify the required elements of a prescription.
  2. Review and interpretation (translation) of the prescription.
  3. Calculations of measurable quantities of all components.
  4. Accurate weight/measurement of all components.
  5. Use of appropriate compounding techniques to convert individual components into a finished product.
  6. Proper packaging and labeling of the product.
  7. Delivery of the correct, completed product to the correct patient with adequate instructions for administration.

Reviewing, interpreting and labeling the prescription involves a “language” that must be learned and utilized. Part of that language includes abbreviations. The health-care professions use an estimated 35,000 abbreviations. There are no guidelines about which abbreviations can be used in written orders, although many institutions have developed some criteria. The pharmacist typically encounters a variety of abbreviations. These might be grouped in the following categories:

  • Latin Terms
    Traditionally prescriptions are written in Latin. In recent years physicians have tended to write their prescriptions in English or with very abbreviated Latin instructions. A brief list of terms is available, but the best way to understand the terms is to practice interpreting prescriptions.
  • Drug Name Abbreviations
  • Medical Abbreviations

Many abbreviations are used in only a limited geographical area or institutional setting, so care must be taken when interpreting any abbreviation. For example, the abbreviation T.I.W. can be interpreted as “three times a week” or “twice a week.” D/C can be interpreted as “Drug Information Center”, “discharge”, or “discontinue.” HS could mean “at bedtime” or “half-strength.”

Frequently the physician omits the “fl” or “f” which should precede the unit sign when liquid measure is intended. The pharmacist must determine whether a volume or weight measurement is intended. Pertinent rules for making such a decision are as follows:

  • If the ingredient is a liquid in a liquid preparation, then the quantity is a volume.
  • If the ingredient is a solid, then the quantity is a weight.
  • In an ointment or other solid preparation, the quantities are always by weight, unless otherwise specified.

Other translation problems come from misreading quantities. You should always remember that quantities may be expressed in metric or apothecary units, and occasionally a prescription will contain both. It is essential that you translate these units into the proper, measurable amounts.

Many other translation problems come from misreading the actual drug or ingredient name. Many drugs appear similar when written or sound alike when spoken. An extensive list of common look-alike, sound-alike drugs is below.

Prescription Examples

(In the interest of saving space, the remaining examples will contain only the inscription, subscription, and signa portions of the prescription)

Zinc Oxide        5.0 
Calamine          5.0  
Hydrocortisone    0.5
Talc q.s.        50.0
M.Ft. pulv. 
Sig: p.a.a. t.i.d.
Zinc Oxide         5.  
Calamine           5.  
Hydrocortisone      .5  
Talc q.s.         50.   
M.Ft. pulv.
Sig: p.a.a. t.i.d.
Zinc Oxide          5|  
Calamine            5|  
Hydrocortisone       |5  
Talc q.s.          50|   
M.Ft. pulv. 
Sig: p.a.a. t.i.d.

Comments: When units are omitted and quantities are expressed in Arabic numbers, as in the preceding prescriptions, it is assumed that the quantities are expressed in the metric system with weight measurements in grams and volume measurements in milliliters. Note that the vertical bar in the last prescription has the same meaning as the decimals in the previous two prescriptions.

	Potassium Iodide 		7.2 g
	Guaifenesin syrup
	Hydroiodic acid syrup aa. q.s. 120 ml
	M.FT. syrup 

	Sig: i tsp q6h


	Benadryl elixir 
	Nystatin oral suspension 	aa. 10 ml 
	Mylanta suspension q.s. 	ad 120 ml
 	M.Ft. susp 

	Sig: 1 Tbl swish and swallow q.i.d, p.c. and h.s.


Comments: The symbol aa. means “of each.” In the first prescription, the prescription is brought to final volume with a mixture of equal parts of the two syrups. In the second, the suspension is prepared by mixing 10 ml each of Benadryl elixir and nystatin oral suspension, then adding sufficient Mylanta suspension to make a total of 120 ml.


	Acetaminophen 		gr xx 
	Codeine phosphate 	gr v
	Lactose q.s. 		gr C 
	M. et ft. capsules No. XX 

	Sig: i q6h prn pain


Comments: The abbreviations M. et ft (or M. ft or M. Ft.), meaning mix and make, tells the pharmacist that a mixture should be prepared of the ingredients in the amounts listed and then divided into the number of dosage forms indicated. In this case, the ingredients would be divided into 20 capsules, each containing 1 gr. of acetaminophen, 1/4 gr. codeine phosphate and enough lactose to make a total of 5 gr. The same instructions could have been given by writing the subscription as M. et div. capsules No. XX.


	Acetaminophen 		65 mg 
	Codeine phosphate 	10 mg 
	Lactose q.s. 		300 mg 
	M. Ft. D.T.D. caps #10 

	Sig: i q6h prn pain


Comments: Since D.T.D. means “of such doses,” this prescription requires that the pharmacist prepare 10 capsules, each containing the listed weights of ingredients. To determine the total weight of each ingredient, the pharmacist simply multiplies the given weight by the number of dosage forms. Here, the pharmacist would weigh 10 x 65 mg = 650 mg acetaminophen.

Latin Terms and Common Abbreviations

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A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I| J | K |L|M|N|O|P|Q| R |S|T|U| V | W | X | Y | Z

Latin Term Common Abbreviation Translation
ad ad to, up to
ad lib. at pleasure
adde add add (thou)
agita agit shake, stir
alternis horis alt. h. every other hour
ana a.a. or aa of each
ante a. before
ante cibum a.c. before food, before meals
ante meridien a.m. morning
amp. ampule
aqua aq. water
aqua ad aq. ad. water up to
ag. dest; aqua dist. distilled water
auris aur.; a ear
auris dexter a.d. right ear
aurix laevus a.l. left ear
auris sinister a.s. left ear
auris utro a.u. each ear
auristillae aurist ear-drops
a.t.c. around the clock
bis b. twice
bis in die b.i.d. twice a day
brachium brach. the arm
BSA body surface area
capsula caps a capsule
c.c. cubic centimeter
chartulae charts powder papers; divided powders
cibus cib.; c. food
collunarium collun a nose wash
collutorium collut. a mouthwash
collyrium collyr. an eyewash
compositus comp. compound
congius cong.; C. gallon
cum c or c. with
cum cibus c.c. with food; with meals
dentur d. give (thou); let be given
dentur tales doses d.t.d. give of such doses
dexter d. right
diebus alternis dieb. alt. every other day
dilutus dil. dilute, diluted
disp. dispense
div. divide
DW distilled water
elix. elixir
emulsum emuls. emulsion
et et and
ex modo prescripto e.m.p. in the manner prescribed; as directed
fac, fiat, fiant f.; ft. let it be made; make
f.; fl. fluid
g.; G.; gm. gram
granum gr. grain
guttae gtt. a drop
hora h at the hour of
hora somni h.s. at bedtime
i.m. intramuscular
injectio inj. injection
i.v.; IV intravenous
i.v.p.; IVP intravenous push
IVPB intravenous piggyback
laevus l. left
linimentum lin. liniment
liquor liq. a solution
lot. lotion
minimum min; Mx minim
misce m.; M mix
mcg. microgram
mEq. milliequivalent
mg. milligram
ml. milliliter
nocte n. at night
naristillae narist. nasal drops
nebule neb. a spray
N.F. National Formulary
non repetatur non.rep. do not repeat
NS normal saline
octarius O. pint
oculentum occulent. eye ointment
oculus o. eye
oculus dexter o.d. right eye
oculus laevus o.l. left eye
oculus sinister o.s. left eye
oculus utro o.u. both eyes, each eye
omni mane o.m. every morning
parti affectae applicandus p.a.a. to be applied to affected part
per os p.o. by mouth
post cibum p.c. after meals
p.r. per rectum
pro re nata p.r.n. as needed
pulvis pulv. powder
quater in die q.i.d. four times a day
quaque q. each, every
quaque die q.d. every day
quaque hora q.h. every hour
quantum sufficiat q.s. a sufficient quantity
quantum sufficiat ad q.s. ad a sufficient quantity to make
secundum artem s.a. according to the art
S.C.; subc; subq subcutaneously
semis ss one-half
signa Sig. write, label
sine s without
si opus sit s.o.s. if necessary
sol. solution
statim stat. immediately
suppositorum supp. suppository
syrupus syr. syrup
tabella tab. tablet
tbsp. tablespoonful
ter in die t.i.d. three times a day
tinc.; tr. tincture
trochiscus troche lozenge
tussis tuss. a cough
ungentum ung. an ointment
ut dictum ut dict.; u.d. as directed

Drug Name Abbreviations

5-FU 5-fluorouracil
6-MP 6-mercaptopurine
6-TG 6-thioguanine
Al(OH)3 aluminum hydroxide
APAP acetaminophen
Ara-C cytarabine
ASA aspirin (acetylsalicyclic acid)
AZT zidovudine
B&O belladonna and opium
C ascorbic acid
Ca calcium
Cl- chloride
CO castor oil
D5W dextrose 5% in water
DA dopamine
DDAVP desmopressin acetate
DES diethylstilbestrol
DIG digoxin
ETOH alcohol
F fluorine
Fe iron
FeGluc ferrous gluconate
FeSO4 ferrous sulfate
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide
HCL hydrochloric Acid
HCO3 bicarbonate
HCTZ hydrochlorothiazide
I iodine
INH isoniazid
ISDN isosorbide dinitrate
K potassium
KCl potassium chloride
LD levodopa
LR Lactated Ringer’s solution
Mg magnesium
MgO magnesium oxide
MgSO4 magnesium sulfate
MOM milk of magnesia
MS morphine sulfate
MTX methotrexate
MV multiple vitamin
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
NO nitrous oxide
NPH Neutral protamine Hagedorn (insulin)
NS normal saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride)
1/2 NS one-half normal saline solution (0.45% sodium chloride)
NTG nitroglycerin
OC oral contraceptive
PABA p-amino benzoic acid
PAS p-aminosalicylic acid
PCN penicillin
PCP phencyclidine
PDN prednisone
PTH parathyroid hormone
PZI protamine zinc
RS Ringer’s solution
SS Saline solution
SSKI Saturated solution of potassium iodide
T3 triiodothyroxine, liothyronine
T4 Levothyroxine
TCA Trichloroacetic acid
TCN tetracycline
TMP trimethoprim
TPN total perenteral nutrition
U Ultralente insulin
WFI Water for injection


Medical Abbreviations

AIDS Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AMI acute myocardial infarction
ANS autonomic nervous system
AV atrial-ventricular
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia
BS blood sugar
BSA body surface area
BUN blood urea nitrogen
BW body weight
C centigrade
CA cancer
CA cardiac arrent
CBC complete blood count
CHF congestive heart failure
CMV Cytomegalovirus
CNS central nervous system
COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CV cardiovascular
CVA cerebrovascular accident
DC discontinue
DI diabetes insipidus
DOB date of birth
DX diagnosis
EC enteric coated
EENT eyes, ears, nose, throat
ER emergency room
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
GI gastrointestinal
GYN gynecology
H hypodermic
HA headache
HBP high blood pressure
HCT hematocrit
HDL High density lipoprotein
HIV human Immunodeficiency virus
IH Infectious hepatitis
IO, I/O fluid intake and output
LDL low density lipoprotein
MDI metered dose inhaler
MI myocardial infarction
N&V nausea and vomiting
NK not known
NMT nebulized mist treatment
NPO nothing by mouth
NVD nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
OD overdose
OTC over the counter
PUD peptic ulcer disease
RBC red blood count or red blood cell
RSV respiratory syncytial virus
SOB shortness of breath
SZ seizure
T temperature
TB Tuberculosis
TPN total parenteral nutrition
U units
UA urinalysis
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
VD venereal disease
VS vital signs
WBC white blood count or white blood cell
WT weight
XX female sex chromosome
XY male sex chromosome

Drugs That Look or Sound Alike

This is a list of the brand names and generic names of drugs that look alike and sound alike. Each drug name has been cross-referenced.

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Accolate® Accutane®
Accupril® Accutane®
Accupril® Aciphex®
Accupril® Monopril®
Accurbon® Accutane®
Accutane® Accolate®
Accutane® Accupril®
Accutane® Accurbon®
Accutane® Acutrim®
Acetazolamide Acetohexamide
Acetohexamide Acetazolamide
Aciphex® Accupril®
Acutrim® Accutane®
Adderall® Inderal®
Adenosine Adenosine Phosphate
Adenosine Phosphate Adenosine
Adriamycin® Aredia®
Adriamycin® Idamycin®
Afrin® Aspirin
Aggrastat® Aggrenox®
Aggrenox® Aggrastat®
Akarpine® Atropine
Akineton® Ecotrin®
Albutein® Albuterol
Albuterol Albutein®
Albuterol Atenolol
Alcaine® Alcare®
Alcare® Alcaine®
Aldactazide® Aldactone®
Aldactone® Aldactazide®
Aldara® Alora®
Aldesleukin Oprelvekin
Aldoclor® Aldoril®
Aldomet® Aldoril®
Aldoril® Aldoclor®
Aldoril® Aldomet®
Aldoril® Elavil®
Alfenta® Sufenta®
Alfentanil Anafranil®
Alfentanil Fentanyl
Alfentanil Sufentanil
Alkeran® Leukeran®
Allegra® Viagra®
Allerest® Sinarest®
Allopurinol Apresoline®
Alora® Aldara®
Alprazolam Lorazepam
Altace® Alteplase
Altace® Artane®
Altenol® Atenolol
Alteplase Anistreplase
Alteplase Altace®
Alupent® Atrovent®
Amantadine Ranitidine
Amantadine Rimantadine
Amaryl® Amerge®
Ambenyl® Aventyl®
Ambien® Amen®
Amicar® Amikin®
Amen® Ambien®
Amerge® Amaryl®
Amikin® Amicar®
Amiloride Amlodipine
Amiloride Amiodarone
Aminophylline Amitriptyline
Aminophylline Ampicillin
Amiodarone Amiloride
Amiodarone Amrinone
Amipaque® Omnipaque®
Amitriptyline Aminophylline
Amitriptyline Imipramine
Amitriptyline Nortriptyline
Amlodipine Amiloride
Amoxapine Atnoxil
Amoxapine Amoxicillin
Amoxapine Amoxil®
Amoxicillin Atarax®
Amoxicillin Amoxapine
Amoxicillin Amoxil®
Amoxil® Amoxapine
Amoxil® Amoxicillin
Ampicillin Aminophylline
Amrinone Amiodarone
Anafranil® Alfentanil
Anafranil® Enalapril
Anafranil® Nafarelin
Anaprox® Anaspaz®
Anaprox® Avapro®
Anaspaz® Anaprox®
Anaspaz® Antispas®
Ancobon® Oncovin®
Anisindione Anisotropine
Anisotropine Anisindione
Anistreplase Alteplase
Ansaid® Asacol®
Ansaid® Axsain®
Antabuse® Anturane®
Antacid Atacan®
Antispas® Anaspaz®
Antril® Enalapril
Anturane® Antabuse®
Anturane® Artane®
Anusol® Aquasol®
Anusol® Anusol-HC®
Anusol® Aplisol®
Anusol-HC® Anusol®
Aphrodyne® Aprodine®
Aplisol® Anusol®
Aplisol® Aplitest®
Aplitest® Aplisol®
Apresazide® Apresoline®
Apresoline® Allopurinol
Apresoline® Apresazide®
Apresoline® Priscoline®
Aprodine® Aphrodyne®
Aquasol® Anusol®
Ara-C® Arasine
Arasine Ara-C®
Aredia® Adriamycin®
Artane® Altace®
Artane® Anturane®
Asacol® Ansaid®
Asacol® Os-Cal®
Asparaginase Pegaspargase
Aspirin Afrin®
Atacan® Antacid
Atarax® Ativan®
Atarax® Marax®
Atarax® Amoxicillin
Atenolol Timolol
Atenolol Albuterol
Atenolol Altenol®
Atgam® Ratgam
Ativan® Atarax®
Ativan® Avitene®
Atromid-S® Clomid®
Atropine Akarpine®
Atrovent® Alupent®
Atrovent® Natru-Vent®
Attenuvax® Meruvax®
Auralgan® Opthalgan®
Avandia® Prandin®
Avapro® Anaprox®
Aventyl® Ambenyl®
Aventyl® Bentyl®
Avitene® Ativan®
Axalen Arlidin
Axsain® Ansaid®
Azatadine Azathioprine
Azathioprine Azatadine
Azathioprine Azidothymidine
Azathioprine Azulfidine®
Azidothymidine Azathioprine
Azithromycin Erythromycin
Azulfidine® Azathioprine
Bacitracin Bactrim®
Bacitracin Bactroban®
Baclofen Bactroban®
Baclofen Beclovent®
Bactine® Bactrim®
Bactocill® Pathocil®
Bactrim® Bacitracin
Bactrim® Bactine®
Bactroban® Bacitracin
Bactroban® Baclofen
Banthine® Bentyl®
Banthine® Brethine®
Beclovent® Baclofen
Beminal® Benemid®
Benadryl® Benadryl Dye-Free®
Benadryl® Bentyl®
Benadryl® Caladryl®
Benadryl® Benylin®
Benadryl Dye-Free® Benadryl®
Benemid® Beminal®
Benoxyl® Brevoxyl®
Benoxyl® Peroxyl®
Bentyl® Banthine®
Bentyl® Benadryl®
Bentyl® Bontril®
Bentyl® Aventyl®
Bentyl® Proventil®
Benylin® Benadryl®
Benylin® Ventolin®
Benzac W® Benzac W Wash®
Benzac W Wash® Benzac W®
Benztropine Bromocriptine
Bepridil Prepidil®
Betagan® Betagen®
Betagen® Betagan®
Betagen® Betoptic®
Betapace® Betapace AF®
Betapace AF® Betapace®
Betaxolol Labetalol
Betoptic® Betagen®
Betoptic 0.5%® Betoptic S®
Betoptic® Betoptic S®
Betoptic S® Betoptic®
Betoptic S® Betoptic 0.5%®
Bicillin® V-Cillin®
Bicillin® Wycillin®
Bontril® Bentyl®
Bontril® Vontrol®
Brethaire® Brethine®
Brethaire® Bretylol®
Brethine® Banthine®
Brethine® Brethaire®
Bretylol® Brethaire®
Bretylol® Brevital®
Brevibloc® Brevital®
Brevital® Bretylol®
Brevital® Brevibloc®
Brevoxyl® Benoxyl®
Bromocriptine Benztropine
Bumex® Buprenex®
Bumex® Permax®
Bupivacaine Mepivacaine
Buprenex® Bumex®
Bupropion Buspirone
Buspirone Buproprion
Butabarbital Butalbital
Butalbital Butabarbital
Cafergot® Carafate®
Cafprozil Cefuroxime
Caladryl® Benadryl®
Caladryl® Calamine
Calamine Caladryl®
Calan® Colace®
Calcifediol (vitamin) Calcitriol (vitamin)
Calciferol® (vitamin) Calcitriol (vitamin)
Calcitonin Calcitriol
Calcitriol (vitamin) Calcifediol (vitamin)
Calcitriol (vitamin) Calciferol®
Calcitriol (vitamin) Calcitonin
Calcium glubionate Calcium gluconate
Calcium gluconate Calcium glubionate
Capastat® Cepastat®
Capitrol® Captopril
Captopril Capitrol®
Captopril Carvedilol
Carafate® Cafergot®
Carbatrol® Carbrital®
Carboplatin Cisplatin
Carbrital® Carbatrol®
Cardene SR® Cardizem SR®
Cardene® Cardizem®
Cardene® Cardura®
Cardene® Codeine
Cardiem® Cardizem®
Cardizem® Cardene®
Cardizem® Cardiem®
Cardizem CD® Cardizem SR®
Cardizem SR® Cardene SR®
Cardizem SR® Cardizem CD®
Cardura® Cardene®
Cardura® Cordarone®
Cardura® Coumadin®
Cardura® Ridaura®
Carteolol Carvedilol
Cartia XT ® Procardia XL ®
Carvedilol Captopril
Carvedilol Carteolol
Cataflam® Catapres®
Catapres® Cataflam®
Catapres® Catarase®
Catapres® Cetapred®
Catapres® Combipres®
Catapres® Hydropres®
Catapres® Ser-Ap-Es®
Catarase® Catapres®
Cefaclor Cephalexin
Cefamandole Cefmetazole
Cefazolin Cephalothin
Cefazolin Cefprozil
Cefmetazole Cefamandole
Cefobid® Cefonicid
Cefol® Cefzil®
Cefonicid Cefobid®
Cefotan® Ceftin®
Cefotaxime Cefoxitin
Cefotaxime Ceftizoxime
Cefotaxime Cefuroxime
Cefotetan Ceftin®
Cefoxitin Cefotaxime
Cefoxitin Cytoxan®
Cefprozil Cefazolin
Cefprozil Cefuroxime
Ceftazidime Ceftizoxime
Ceftazidime Ceftizoxime
Ceftin® Cefotan®
Ceftin® Cefotetan
Ceftin® Cefzil®
Cipro® Ceftin®
Ceftizoxime Cefotaxime
Ceftizoxime Ceftazidime
Cefuroxime Cefotaxime
Cefuroxime Cefprozil
Cefuroxime Deferoxamine
Cefzil® Cefol®
Cefzil® Ceftin®
Cefzil® Kefzol®
Celebrex® Cerebyx®
Celebrex® Celexa®
Celexa® Celebrex®
Celexa® Cerebyx®
Celexa® Zyprexa®
Centoxin® Cytoxan®
Cepastat® Capastat®
Cephalexin Cefaclor
Cephalexin Cephalothin
Cephalothin Cefazolin
Cephalothin Cephalexin
Cephapirin Cephradine
Cephradine Cephapirin
Ceptaz® Septra®
Cerebra® Cerebyx®
Cerebyx® Cerebra®
Cerebyx® Celebrex®
Cerebyx® Celexa®
Cetapred® Catapres®
Cetapred® Cetaphil®
Chenix® Chymex®
Chenix® Cystex®
Chlorambucil Chloromycetin®
Chloromycetin® Chlor-Trimeton®
Chloromycetin® Chlorambucil
Chlorpromazine Chlorpropamide
Chlorpromazine Prochlorperazine
Chlorpromazine Promethazine
Chlorpropamide Chlorpromazine
Chlor-Trimeton® Chlor-Trimeton® (Nondrowsy)
Chlor-Trimeton® (Nondrowsy) Chlor-Trimeton®
Chlor-Trimeton® Chloromycetin®
Chorex® Chymex®
Chymex® Chenix®
Chymex® Chorex®
Chymex® Cystex®
Cidex® Lidex®
Ciloxan® Cytoxan®
Cimetidine Simethicone
Cipro® Ceftin®
Cisplatin Carboplatin
Citracal® Citrucel®
Citrucel® Citracal®
Claritin-D® Claritin-D 24-hour®
Claritin-D 24-hour® Claritin-D®
Cleocin® Clinoril®
Cleocin® Lincocin®
Clinoril® Cleocin®
Clinoril® Clozaril®
Clinoril® Oruvail®
Clofazimine Clonazepam
Clofazimine Clozapine
Clofibrate Clorazepate
Clomid® Clomid-S®
Clomid-S® Clomid®
Clomid® Clonidine
Clomiphene Clomipramine
Clomiphene Clonidine
Clomipramine Clomiphene
Clomipramine Norpramin® (desipramine)
Clonazepam Clofazimine
Clonazepam Clorazepate
Clonazepam Klonopin®
Clonazepam Lorazepam
Clonidine Clomid®
Clonidine Clomiphene
Clonidine Klonopin®
Clonidine Quinidine
Clorazepate Clofibrate
Clorazepate Clonazepam
Clorazepate Lorazepam
Clotrimazole Co-Trimoxazole
Clozapine Cofazimine
Clozaril® Clinoril®
Codeine Iodine
Codeine Cardene®
Codeine Cordran®
Codeine Lodine®
Cognex® Corgard®
Colace® Calan®
Combipres® Catapres®
Combivir® Epivir®
Compazine® Coumadin®
Cordarone® Inocor®
Cordarone® Cardura®
Cordarone® Cordran®
Cordran® Codeine
Cordran® Cordarone®
Corgard® Cognex®
Cortane® Cortane-B®
Cortane-B® Cortane®
Cort-Dome® Cortone®
Cortef® Lortab®
Cortone® Cort-Dome®
Co-Trimoxazole Clotrimazole
Coumadin® Cardura®
Coumadin® Compazine®
Coumadin® Kemadrin®
Covera® Provera®
Cozaar® Zocor®
Cozaar® Hyzaar®
Cutivate® Ultravate®
Cyclobenzaprine Cycloserine
Cyclobenzaprine Cyproheptadine
Cyclophosphamide Cyclosporine
Cycloserine Cyclosporine
Cycloserine Cyclobenzaprine
Cyclosporine Cyklokapron®
Cyclosporine (cyclosporin A) Cycloserine
Cyclosporine Cyclophosphamide
Cyklokapron® Cyclosporine
Cyproheptadine Cyclobenzaprine
Cystex® Chenix®
Cystex® Chymex®
Cytarabine Vidarabine
Cytarabine Cytosar®
Cytarabine Cytoxan®
CytoGam® Gamimune N®
Cytosar® Cytarabine
Cytosar® Cytovene®
Cytosar® Cytoxan®
Cytosar-U® Neosar®
Cytotec® Cytoxan®
Cytovene® Cytosar®
Cytoxan® Cefoxitin
Cytoxan® Centoxin®
Cytoxan® Ciloxan®
Cytoxan® Cytarabine
Cytoxan® Cytosar®
Cytoxan® Cytotec®
Dacarbazine Dicarbosil®
Dacarbazine Procarbazine
Dacriose® Danocrine®
Dactinomycin (actinomycin D) Daunorubicin
Dactinomycin (actinomycin D) Doxorubicin
Dalmane® Demulen®
Dalmane® Dialume®
Danazol Dantrium®
Danocrine® Dacriose®
Dantrium® Danazol
Daranide® Daraprim®
Daraprim® Daranide®
Daricon® Darvon®
Darvocet-N® Darvon-N®
Darvon® Daricon®
Darvon® Dioval®
Darvon® Diovan®
Darvon-N® Darvocet-N®
Daunorubicin Dactinomycin
Daunorubicin Doxorubicin
Daypro® Diupres®
DDAVP Nasal® DDAVP wl Rhinal Tube®
DDAVP w/ Rhinal Tube® DDAVP Nasal®
Decadron® Percodan®
Deferoxamine Cefuroxime
Delsym® Desyrel®
Demerol® Demulen®
Demerol® Dicumarol
Demerol® Dilaudid®
Demerol® Dymelor®
Demerol® Pamelor®
Demerol® Temaril®
Demulen® Dalmane®
Demulen® Demerol®
Denavir® Indinavir
Depakote® Depakote ER®
Depakote ER® Depakote®
Depakote® Senokot®
Depen® Endal®
Depo-Estradiol® Depo-Testadiol®
Depo-Medrol® Solu-Medrol®
Depo-Testadiol® Depo-Estradiol®
DES® E.E.S.®
Deseril® Desyrel®
Desferal® DexFerrum®
Desferal® Disophrol®
Desipramine Diphenhydramine
Desipramine Disopyramide
Desipramine Imipramine
Desipramine Nortriptyline
Desoximetasone Dexamethasone
Desoxyn® Digitoxin
Desoxyn® Digoxin
Desyrel® Delsym®
Desyrel® Deseril®
Desyrel® Zestril®
Dexamethasone Desoximetasone
Dexatrim® Dextran®
Dexatrim® Excedrin®
DexFerrum® Desferal®
Dextran® Dexatrim®
DiaBeta® Zebeta®
Diabinese® Dialume®
Dialose Plus®(Docusate Potassium/Casanthranol) Dialose Plus®

(Docusate Sodium/Phenolphtalein)

Dialose Plus® (Docusate Sodium/Phenolphtalein) Dialose Plus® (Docusate Potassium/Casanthranol)
Dialume® Dalmane®
Dialume® Diabinese®
Diamox® Dobutrex®
Diamox® Dymelor®
Diamox® Trimox®
Diazepam Ditropan®
Diazepam Diazoxide
Diazepam Lorazepam
Diazoxide Diazepam
Diazoxide Dyazide®
Diclofenac Diflucan®
Diclofenac Duphalac®
Dicumarol Demerol®
Dicyclomine Diphenhydramine
Dicyclomine Dyclonine
Diflucan® Diclofenac
Diflucan® Diprivan®
Digitoxin Desoxyn®
Digitoxin Digoxin
Digoxin Desoxyn®
Digoxin Digitoxin
Digoxin Doxepin
Dilantin® Dilaudid®
Dilantin® Diltiazem
Dilaudid® Demerol®
Dilaudid® Dilantin®
Dilomine® Dyclone®
Diltiazem Dilantin®
Dimenhydrinate Diphenhydramine
Dimetane® Dimetapp®
Dimetapp® Dimetane®
Dioval® Darvon®
Dioval® Diovan®
Diovan® Darvon®
Diovan® Dioval®
Diovan® Zyban®
Diphenatol® Diphenidol
Diphenhydramine Dicyclomine
Diphenhydramine Desipramine
Diphenhydramine Dimenhydrinate
Diphenidol Diphenatol®
Diprivan® Diflucan®
Dipyridamole Disopyramide
Disophrol® Desferal®
Disophrol® Isuprel®
Disophrol® Stilphostrol®
Disopyramide Desipramine
Disopyramide Dipyridamole
Dithranol Ditropan®
Ditropan® Dithranol
Ditropan® Diazepam
Ditropan® Intropin®
Diupres® Daypro®
Dobutamine Dopamine
Dobutrex® Diamox®
Docetaxel Paclitaxel
Dolobid® Slo-bid®
Donnagel® Donnatal®
Donnatal® Donnagel®
Dopamine Dobutamine
Dopamine Dopram®
Dopar® Dopram®
Dopram® Dopamine
Dopram® Dopar®
Doxacurium Doxapram
Doxacurium Doxorubicin
Doxapram Doxacurium
Doxapram Doxazosin
Doxapram Doxepin
Doxapram Doxorubicin
Doxazosin Doxapram
Doxazosin Doxorubicin
Doxazosin Doxepin
Doxepin Digoxin
Doxepin Doxazosin
Doxepin Doxapram
Doxepin Doxycycline
Doxepin Doxidan®
Doxidan® Doxepin
Doxorubicin Dactinomycin
Doxorubicin Daunorubicin
Doxorubicin Doxacurium
Doxorubicin Doxapram
Doxorubicin Doxazosin
Doxorubicin Idarubicin
Doxorubicin Liposomal
Doxycycline Doxepin
Drisdol® Drysol®
Dronabinol Droperidol
Droperidol Dronabinol
Drysol® Drisdol®
Duphalac® Diclofenac
Dyazide® Thiazide®
Dyazide® Diazoxide
Dyclone® Dilomine®
Dyclonine Dicyclomine
Dymelor® Demerol®
Dymelor® Diamox®
Dymelor® Pamelor®
Dynabac® DynaCirc®
Dynacin® DynaCirc®
DynaCirc® Dynabac®
DynaCirc® Dynacin®
Dyrenium® Pyridium®
Echogen® Epogen®
Ecotrin® Akineton®
Ecotrin® Edecrin®
Ecotrin® Epogen®
Edecrin® Ecotrin®
Edecrin® Eulexin®
E.E.S.® DES®
Efudex® Eurax®
Elavil® Aldoril®
Elavil® Equanil®
Elavil® Mellaril®
Elavil® Oruvail®
Elavil® Plavix®
Eldepryl® Enalapril
Eldopaque Forte® Eldoquin Forte®
Eldoquin Forte® Eldopaque Forte®
Elmiron® Imuran®
Emcyt® Eryc®
Empirin® Enduron®
Enalapril Anafranil®
Enalapril Antril®
Enalapril Eldepryl®
Enalapril Nafarelin
Enalapril Ramipril
Encainide Flecainide
Endal® Depen®
Enduron® Empirin®
Enduron® Imuran®
Enduronyl® Inderal®
Enduronyl Forte® Inderal® 40 mg
Enflurane Isoflurane
Epivir® Combivir®
Epogen® Echogen®
Equagesic® EquiGesic®
Equanil® Elavil®
Epivir® Combivir®
Equanil® Elavil®
EquiGesic® Equagesic®
Erex® Urex®
Eryc® Emcyt®
Eryc® Ery-Tab®
Ery-Tab® Eryc®
Erythrocin® Ethmozine®
Erythromycin Azithromycin
Esidrix® Lasix®
Esimil® Estinyl®
Esimil® Ismelin®
Eskalith® Estratest®
Esmolol Osmitrol®
Estinyl® Esimil®
Estraderm® Testoderm®
Estratab® Estratest®
Estratest® Eskalith®
Estratest® Estratab®
Estratest® Estratest HS®
Estratest HS® Estratest®
Ethamolin® Ethanol
Ethanol Ethamolin®
Ethmozine® Erythrocin®
Ethosuximide Methsuximide
Etidocaine Etidronate
Etidronate Etidocaine
Etidronate Etomidate
Etidronate Etretinate
Etomidate Etidronate
Etretinate Etidronate
Eulexin® Edecrin®
Eulexin® Eurax®
Eurax® Efudex®
Eurax® Eulexin®
Eurax® Serax®
Eurax® Urex®
Evista® E-Vista®
E-Vista® Evista®
Execedrin® Dexatrim®
Factrel® Sectral®
Fam-Pren Forte® Parafon Forte®
Feldene® Seldane®
Fenoprofen Flurbiprofen
Fentanyl Alfentanil
Fentanyl Citrate Sufentanil Citrate
Feosol® Feostat®
Feosol® Fer-in-Sol®
Feosol® Fluosol®
Feostat® Feosol®
Fer-in-Sol® Feosol®
Fioricet® Fiorinal®
Fiorinal® Fioricet®
Fiorinal® Florical®
Fiorinal® Florinef®
Flecainide Encainide
Flexeril® Floxin®
Flomax® Fosamax®
Flomax® Volmax®
Florical® Fiorinal®
Florinef® Fiorinal®
Floxin® Flexeril®
Flucytosine Fluorouracil
Fludara® FUDR®
Fludarabine Flumadine®
Flumadine® Fludarabine
Flumadine® Flutamide®
Flunisolide Fluocinonide
Fluocinolone Fluocinonide
Fluocinonide Flunisolide
Fluocinonide Fluocinolone
Fluorouracil Flucytosine
Fluosol® Feosol®
Flutamide® Flumadine®
Flurazepam Temazepam
Flurbiprofen Fenoprofen
Folic acid Folinic Acid (leucovorin calcium)
Folinic acid (leucovorin calcium) Folic Acid
Fortovase® (improved bioavailability of saquinavir) Invirase® (low bioavailability of saquinavir)
Fosamax® Flomax®
Fosinopril Lisinopril
Fostex® PHisoHex ®
FUDR® Fludara®
Fulvicin® Furacin®
Furacin® Fulvicin®
Furosemide Torsemide
Gamimune N® CytoGam®
Gamulin Rh® MICRhoGAM®
Gantanol® Gantrisin®
Gantrisin® Gantanol®
Garamycin® Kanamycin
Garamycin® Terramycin®
Gemzar® Zincard®
Gengraf® Prograf®
Gentamicin® Kanamycin
Glaucon® Glucagon
Glipizide Glyburide
Glucagon Glaucon®
Glucophage® Glutofac®
Glutofac® Glucophage®
Glutofac® Glutose®
Glutose® Glutofac®
Glucotrol® Glucotrol XL®
Glucotrol® Glyburide
Glucotrol XL® Glucotrol®
Glutethimide Guanethidine
Glyburide Glipizide
Glyburide Glucotrol®
Gonadorelin Gonadotropin
Gonadorelin Guanadrel
Gonadotropin Gonadorelin
Granulex® Regranex®
Guaifenesin Guanfacine
Guanabenz Guanadrel
Guanabenz Guanfacine
Guanadrel Gonadorelin
Guanadrel Guanabenz
Guanethidine Glutethimide
Guanethidine Guanidine
Guanfacine Guaifenesin
Guanfacine Guanabenz
Guanfacine Guanidine
Guanidine Guanethidine
Guanidine Guanfacine
Halcinonide Halcion®
Halcion® Halcinonide
Halcion® Haldol®
Halcion® Healon®
Haldol® Halotestin®
Haldol® Halog®
Haldol® Stadol®
Halfprin® � Halfprin®
� Halfprin® Halfprin®
Halog® Haldol®
Halog® Mycolog®
Haloperidol Halotestin®
Halotestin® Haldol®
Halotestin® Halotex®
Halotestin® Haloperidol
Halotestin Halothane
Halotex® Halotestin®
Healon® Halcion®
Hemoccult® Seracult®
Heparin Hespan®
Herceptin® Perceptin®
Hespan® Heparin
Hexadrol® Hexatol
Hexadrol® Labetalol
Hexatol Hexadrol®
Hexatol Labetalol
Humalog,Insulin Human® Humulin, Insulin Human®
Humulin,Insulin Human® Humalog, Insulin Human®
Hycodan® Hycomine®
Hycodan® Vicodin®
Hycomine® Hycodan®
Hycomine® Vicodin®
Hydralazine Hydrochlorothiazide
Hydralazine Hydroxyzine
Hydrochlorothiazide Hydralazine
Hydrochlorothiazide Hydroflumethiazide
Hydrocodone Hydrocortisone
Hydrocortisone Hydrocodone
Hydrocortisone Hydroxychloroquine
Hydroflumethiazide Hydrochlorothiazide
Hydromorphone Morphine
Hydromorphone Meperidine
Hydropres® Catapres®
Hydroxychloroquine Hydrocortisone
Hydroxyprogesterone Medroxyprogesterone
Hydroxyurea Hydroxyzine
Hydroxyzine Hydralazine
Hydroxyzine Hydroxyurea
Hygroton® Regroton®
Hypergel® MPM GelPad Hydrogel Saturated Dressing®
HyperHep® Hyper-Tet®
HyperHep® Hyperstat®
Hyperstat® Hyper-Tet®
Hyperstat® Nitrostat®
Hyper-Tet® HyperHep®
Hyper-Tet® Hyperstat®
Hytone® Vytone®
Hyzaar® Cozaar®
Ibuprofen Materna®
Idamycin® Adriamycin®
Idarubicin Doxorubicin
Iletin® Lente®
Imdur® Imuran®
Imdur® Inderal LA®
Imdur® K-Dur®
Imferon® Interferon
Imferon® Roferon-A®
Imipenem Omnipen®
Imipramine Amitriptyline
Imipramine Desipramine
Imipramine Norpramin®
Imovax® Imovax I.D.®
Imovax I.D.® Imovax®
Imuran® Elmiron®
Imuran® Enduron®
Imuran® Imdur®
Imuran® Inderal®
Imuran® Tenormin®
Inapsine® Nebcin®
Inderal® Adderall®
Inderal® Enduronyl®
Inderal® Imuran®
Inderal® Inderide®
Inderal® Isordil®
Inderal® Medrol®
Inderal® Toradol®
Inderal® 40 mg Enduronyl Forte®
Inderal LA® Imdur®
Inderide® Inderal®
Indinavir Denavir®
Indocin® Lincocin®
Indocin® Minocin®
Inocor® Cordarone®
Inocor® Norcuron®
Interferon Imferon®
Interferons Interleukins
Interleukins Interferons
Intropin® Ditropan®
Intropin® Isoptin®
Invirase® (low bioavailability saquinavir) Fortovase® (improved bioavailability saquinavir)
Iodine Codeine
Iodine Lopidine
Iodine Lodine®
Ismelin® Esimil®
Ismelin® Isuprel®
Ismelin® Ritalin®
Isoflurane Enflurane
Isoptin® Intropin®
Isordil® Isuprel®
Isuprel® Disophrol®
Isuprel® Ismelin®
Isuprel® Isordil®
Kaletra® Keppra®
Kanamycin Gentamicin®
Kaochlor® K-Lor®
Kaolin® Kaon®
Kaon® Kaolin®
K-Dur® Imdur®
Kefzol® Cefzil®
Kemadrin® Coumadin®
Kenalog® Ketalar®
Keppra® Kaletra®
Ketalar® Kenalog®
Klonopin® Clonazepam
Klonopin® Clonidine
Klor-Con® K-Lor®
K-Lor® Kaochlor®
K-Lor® Klor-Con®
Klotrix® Liotrix
Kogenate® Kogenate-2®
Kogenate-2® Kogenate®
K-Phos Neutral® Neutra-Phos-K®
K-Tab® Vit K (Vitamin K)
Labetalol Betaxolol
Labetalol Hexatol
Labetalol Hexadrol®
Lacrilube® Surgilube®
Lamicel® Lamisil®
Lamictal® Lamisil®
Lamictal® Lomotil®
Lamictal® Ludiomil®
Lamisil® Lamicel®
Lamisil® Lamictal®
Lamivudine® Lamotrigine®
Lamotrigine Lamivudine
Lanoxin® Levoxine® (changed to levoxyl)
Lanoxin® Lasix®
Lanoxin® Levoxyl® (new name of Levoxine®)
Lanoxin® Levsinex®
Lanoxin® Lomotil®
Lanoxin® Lonox®
Lanoxin® Xanax®
Lantus®(insulin) Lente®(insulin)
Lasix® Esidrix®
Lasix® Lidex®
Lasix® Lanoxin®
Lasix® Luvox®
L-Dopa Levodopa
L-Dopa Methyldopa
Lente®(insulin) Lantus®(insulin)
Lente® Ilentin®
Leucovorin Leukeran®
Leucovorin Leukine®
Leukeran® Alkeran®
Leukeran® Leukine®
Leukeran® Leucovorin
Leukine® Leucovorin
Leukine® Leukeran®
Levbid® Lithobid®
Levbid® Lopid®
Levbid® Lorabid®
Levobunolol Levocabastine
Levocabastine Levobunolol
Levocabastine Levocarnitine
Levocarnitine Levocabastine
Levodopa L-Dopa
Levodopa Methyldopa
Levophed® Levoprome®
Levoprome® Levophed®
Levothyroxine Liothyronine
Levoxine® (changed to Levoxyl®) Levsin®
Levoxine® (changed to Levoxyl®) Lanoxin®
Levoxyl® (new name of Levoxine®) Lanoxin®
Levoxyl® (new name of Levoxine®) Luvox®
Levsin® Levoxine® (changed to Levoxyl®)
Levsinex® Lanoxin®
Librax® Librium®
Librium® Librax®
Lidex® Cidex®
Lidex® Lasix®
Lincocin® Cleocin®
Lincocin® Indocin®
Lincocin® Minocin®
Lioresal® Lisinopril
Lioresal® Lotensin®
Liothyronine Levothyroxine
Liotrix Klotrix®
Liposomal Doxorubicin
Lisinopril Fosinopril
Lisinopril Lioresal®
Lisinopril Risperdal®
Lithobid® Levbid®
Lithobid® Lithonate®
Lithobid® Lithostat®
Lithobid® Lithotabs®
Lithonate® Lithobid®
Lithonate® Lithostat®
Lithostat® Lithobid®
Lithostat® Lithonate®
Lithotabs® Lithobid®
Lithotabs® Lithostat®
Lodine® Codeine
Lodine® Iodine
Lodine® Lopid®
Lomotil® Lamictal®
Lomotil® Lanoxin®
Loniten® Lotensin®
Lonox® Lanoxin®
Lopid® Levbid®
Lopid® Lodine®
Lopid® Lorabid®
Lopid® Slo-bid®
Lopressor® Lopurin®
Lopurin® Lopressor®
Lopurin® Lupron®
Lorabid® Levbid®
Lorabid® Lopid®
Lorabid® Lortab®
Lorabid® Slo-bid®
Lorazepam Alprazolam
Lorazepam Clonazepam
Lorazepam Clorazepate
Lorazepam Diazepam
Lorazepam Temazepam
Lortab® Cortef®
Lortab® Lorabid®
Lortab® Luride®
Losartan Valsartan
Lotensin® Lioresal®
Lotensin® Loniten®
Lotensin® Lovastatin
Lotrimin® Lotrisone®
Lotrimin® Otrivin®
Lotrisone® Lotrimin®
Lotronex® Lovenox®
Lotronex® Protonix®
Lovastatin Lotensin®
Lovenox® Lotronex®
Loxitane® Soriatane®
Ludiomil® Lamictal®
Luminal® Tuinal®
Lupron® Lopurin®
Lupron® Nuprin®
Luride® Lortab®
Luvox® Lasix®
Luvox® Levoxyl (Levoxine®)
Maalox® Maolate®
Maalox® Marax®
Maalox® Monodox®
Magnesium Gluceptate Magnesium Sulfate
Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Gluceptate
Magnesium Sulfate Manganese Sulfate
Mandol® Nadolol
Manganese Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate
Maolate® Maalox®
Marax® Atarax®
Marax® Maalox®
Materna® Ibuprofen
Matulane® Modane®
Maxidex® Maxzide®
Maxzide® Maxidex®
Mazicon® Mivacron®
Mazicon® Mazindol
Mazindol Mazicon®
Mazindol Mebendazole
Mebaral® Medrol®
Mebaral® Mellaril®
Mebaral® Tegretol®
Mebendazole Mazindol
Mecamylamine Mesalamine
Medigesic® Medi-Gesic®
Medi-Gesic® Medigesic®
Medrol ADT® Medrol Dosepak®
Medrol Dosepak® Medrol ADT®
Medrol® Inderal®
Medrol® Mebaral®
Medroxyprogesterone Hydroxyprogesterone
Medroxyprogesterone Methylprednisolone
Medroxyprogesterone Methyltestosterone
Medroxyprogesterone Progesterone
Megace® Reglen®
Mellaril® Elavil®
Mellaril® Mebaral®
Melphalan Mephyton®
Melphalan Myleran®
Mepergan® Meprobamate
Meperidine Hydromorphone
Meperidine Meprobamate
Mephenytoin Mephyton®
Mephenytoin Phenytoin
Mephobarbital Methocarbamol
Mephyton® Melphalan
Mephyton® Mephenytoin
Mephyton® Methadone
Mepivacaine Bupivacaine
Meprobamate Mepergan®
Meprobamate Meperidine
Mepron(Atovaquone in U.S.)® Mepron(Meprobamate in Australia)®
Meruvax® Attenuvax®
Mesalamine Mecamylamine
Mesantoin® Mestinon®
Mesantoin® Metatensin®
Mestinon® Mesantoin®
Mestinon® Metatensin®
Metadate CD® Metadate ER®
Metadate ER® Methadone®
Metadate ER® Metadate CD®
Metahydrin® Metatensin®
Metaproterenol Metoprolol
Metatensin® Metahydrin®
Metatensin® Mesantoin®
Metatensin® Mestinon®
Metaxalone Metolazone
Methadone Mephyton®
Methadone Metadate ER®
Methadone Methylphenidate
Methazolamide Metolazone
Methazolamide Methenamine
Methanamine Methazolamide
Methenamine Methionine
Methicillin Mezlocillin
Methionine Methenamine
Methocarbamol Mephobarbital
Methotrexate Metolazone
Methsuximide Ethosuximide
Methyldopa L-Dopa
Methyldopa Levodopa
Methylphenidate Methadone
Methylprednisolone Prednisone
Methylprednisolone Medroxyprogesterone
Methyltestosterone Medroxyprogesterone
Metoclopramide Metolazone
Metolazone Metaxalone
Metolazone Methazolamide
Metolazone Methotrexate
Metolazone Metoclopramide
Metolazone Metoprolol
Metolazone Minoxidil
Metoprolol Metaproterenol
Metoprolol Metolazone
Metoprolol Misoprostol
Metyrapone® Metyrasine®
Metyrasine® Metyrapone®
Mexitil® Mezlin®
Mezlin® Mexitil®
Mezlocillin Methicillin
Miacalcin® Micatin®
Micatin® Miacalcin®
Miconazole Micronase®
Miconazole Micronor®
MICRhoGAM® Gamulin Rh®
Micro-K® Micronase®
Micronase® Micro-K®
Micronase® Miconazole
Micronase® Micronor®
Micronor® Miconazole
Micronor® Micronase®
Mictrin® Midrin®
Midrin® Mictrin®
Midrin® Mydfrin®
Mifepristone Misoprostol
Milontin® Miltown®
Milontin® Mylanta®
Miltown® Milontin®
Minocin® Indocin®
Minocin® Lincocin®
Minocin® Mithracin®
Minocin® Niacin
Minoxidil Metolazone
Minoxidil Monopril®
MiraLax® Mirapex®
Mirapex® MiraLax®
Misoprostol Metoprolol
Misoprostol Mifepristone
Mitbracin Minocin
Mithracin® Minocin®
Mithramycin (plicamycin) Mitomycin
Mitomycin Mithramycin (plicamycin)
Mitomycin Mitotane
Mitomycin Mitoxantrone
Mitotane Mitomycin
Mitoxantrone Mitomycin
Mivacron® Mazicon®
Moban® Mobidin®
Mobidin® Moban®
Mobidin® Molindone
Modane® Matulane®
Modane® Mudrane®
Modicon® Mylicon®
Molindone Mobidin®
Monodox® Maalox®
Monoket® Monopril®
Monopril® Accupril®
Monopril® Monoket®
Monopril® Minoxidil
Monopril® Ramipril
Morphine Hydromorphone
MPM GelPad Hydrogel Saturated Dressing® Hypergel®
MS Contin® Oxycontin®
Mudrane® Modane®
Murocel® Murocoll-2®
Murocoll-2® Murocel®
Myambutol® Nembutal®
Mycelex® Myoflex®
Myciguent® Mycitracin®
Mycitracin® Myciguent®
Mycolog® Halog®
Mydfrin® Midrin®
Mylanta® Milontin®
Mylanta Gas® Mylicon®
Myleran® Melphalan
Myleran® Mylicon®
Mylicon® Modicon®
Mylicon® Mylanta Gas®
Mylicon® Myleran®
Myoflex® Mycelex®
Nadolol Mandol®
Nafarelin Anafranil®
Nafarelin Enalapril
Naldecon® Nalfon®
Nalfon® Naldecon®
Naloxone Naltrexone
Naltrexone Naloxone
Naprelan® Naprosyn®
Naprosyn® Naprelan®
Naprosyn® Nebcin®
Narcan® Norcuron®
Nardil® Norinyl®
Nasalcrom® Nasalide®
Nasalide® Nasalcrom®
Nasarel® Nizoral®
Natru-Vent® Atrovent®
Navane® Norvasc®
Navane® Nubain®
Navelbine® Navoban®
Navelbine® Navogan®
Navoban® Navelbine®
Navoban® Navogan®
Navogan® Navelbine®
Navogan® Navoban®
Nebcin® Inapsine®
Nebcin® Naprosyn®
Nebcin® Nubain®
Nelfinavir Nevirapine
Nembutal® Myambutol®
Neocare® Neocate®
Neocate® Neocare®
Neoral® Neurontin®
Neoral® Nizoral®
Neoral® (cyclosporine for microemulsion) Sandimmune® (cyclosporine, USP)
Neosar® Cytosar-U®
Neo-Synephrine® Neo-Synephrine 12 Hour®
Neo-Synephrine 12 Hour® Neo-Synephrine®
Nephro-Calci® Nephrocaps®
Nephrocaps® Nephro-Calci®
Nephrox® Niferex®
Neumega® Neupogen®
Neupogen® Neumegas®
Neupogen® Nutramigen®
Neurontin® Neoral®
Neurontin® Noroxin®
Neutra-Phos-K® K-Phos Neutral®
Nevirapine Nelfinavir
Niacin Minocin®
Niacin Niaspan®
Niacinamide Nicardipine
Niaspan® Niacin
Nicardipine Niacinamide
Nicardipine Nifedipine
Nicardipine Nimodipine
Nicobid® Nitro-Bid®
Nicoderm® Nitro-Derm®
Nicorette® Nordette®
Nifedipine Nicardipine
Nifedipine Nimodipine
Niferex® Nephrox®
Nilstat® Nitrostat®
Nimbex® Revex®
Nimodipine Nicardipine
Nimodipine Nifedipine
Nitro-Bid® Nicobid®
Nitro-Derm® Nicoderm®
Nitroglycerin Nitroprusside
Nitroprusside Nitroglycerin
Nitrostat® Hyperstat®
Nitrostat® Nilstat®
Nitrostat® Nystatin
Nizoral® Nasarel®
Nizoral® Neoral®
Norcuron® Inocor®
Norcuron® Narcan®
Nordette® Nicorette®
Norflex® Noroxin® (Norfloxacin)
Norgesic 40® Norgesic Forte®
Norgesic Forte® Norgesic 40®
Norinyl® Nardil®
Noroxin® Neurontin®
Noroxin® (Norfloxacin) Norflex®
Norpace® Norpramin®
Norpramin® Clomipramine
Norpramin® Imipramine
Norpramin® Norpace®
Norpramin® Nortriptyline
Norpramin® Tenormin®
Nortriptyline Amitriptyline
Nortriptyline Desipramine
Nortriptyline Norpramin®
Norvasc® Navane®
Novolin 70/30® Novolin 70/30 Penfill®
Novolin 70/30 Penfill® Novolin 70/30®
Nubain® Nebcin®
Nubain® Navane®
Nuprin® Lupron®
Nutramigen® Neupogen®
Nutra-Phos-K® K-Phos Neutral®
Nystatin Nitrostat®
Ocufen® Ocuflox® (Ofloxacin)
Ocufen® Ocupress®
Ocuflox® (Ofloxacin) Ocufen®
Ocu-Mycin® Ocumycin®
Ocu-Mycin® Ocumycin®
Ocupress® Ocufen®
Omnipaque® Amipaque®
Omnipen® Imipenem
Omnipen® Unipen®
Oncovin® Ancobon®
Oprelvekin Aldesleukin
Opthalgan® Opthetic®
Opthalgan® Auralgan®
Opthetic® Ophthalgan®
Optimine® Optimmune®
Optimmune® Optimine®
Oracit® Orasone®
Orasone® Oracit®
Oretic® Oreton®
Oreton® Oretic®
Orexin® Ornex®
Organidin® Organidin NR®
Organidin NR® Organidin®
Orinase® Ornade®
Orinase® Ornex®
Ornade® Orinase®
Ornade® Ornex®
Ornex® Orexin®
Ornex® Orinase®
Ornex® Ornade®
Oruvail® Clinoril®
Oruvail® Elavil®
Os-Cal® Asacol®
Osmitrol® Esmolol
Otrivin® Lotrimin®
Oxazepam Quazepam
Oxybutynin OxyContin®
Oxycodone OxyContin®
OxyContin® Oxybutynin
OxyContin® Oxycodone
Oxycontin® MS Contin®
Oxymetazoline Oxymetholone
Oxymetholone Oxymetazoline
Oxymetholone Oxymorphone
Oxymorphone Oxymetholone
Paclitaxel Paroxetine
Paclitaxel Paxil®
Paclitaxel Docetaxel
Pamelor® Demerol®
Pamelor® Dymelor®
Pamine® Pelamine®
Panadol® Pindolol
Panadol® Panafil®
Panafil® Panadol®
Pancuronium Pipecuronium
Pantopon® Parafon®
Pantopon® Protopam®
Parafon® Pantopon®
Parafon Forte® Fam-Pren Forte®
Paraplatin® Platinol®
Paregoric® Percogesic®
Parlodel® Pindolol
Parlodel® Provera ®
Paroxetine Pacliataxel
Paroxetine Pyridoxine
Pathilon® Pathocil®
Pathocil® Bactocill®
Pathocil® Pathilon®
Pathocil® Placidyl®
Pavulon® Peptavlon®
Paxil® Paciltaxel
Paxil® Plavix ®
Paxil® Taxol®
Pediapred® Pedia Profen®
Pediapred® Pediazole®
Pedia Profen® Pediapred®
Pedia Profen® Pediazole®
Pedia Profen® Prelone®
Pediazole® Pediapred®
Pediazole® Pedia Profen®
Pegaspargase Asparaginase
Pelamine® Pamine®
Pelamine® Pemoline
Pemoline Pelamine®
Penicillamine Penicillin
Penicillin Penicillamine
Penicillin Polycillin®
Penicillin G Potassium Penicillin G Procaine
Penicillin G Procaine Penicillin G Potassium
Pentobarbital Phenobarbital
Pentoxifylline Tamoxifen
Pentrax® Permax®
Peptavlon® Pavulon®
Perative® Periactin®
Perceptin® Herceptin®
Percocet® Percodan®
Percodan® Decadron®
Percodan® Percocet®
Percodan® Percogesic®
Percodan® Periactin®
Percogesic® Paregoric®
Percogesic® Percodan®
Periactin® Perative®
Periactin® Percodan®
Periactin® Persantine®
Permax® Bumex®
Permax® Pentrax®
Permethrin Piperonyl Butoxide
Permethrin Pyrethrins
Permitil® Persantine®
Peroxyl® Benoxyl®
Persantine® Periactin®
Persantine® Permitil®
Phenaphen® Phenergan®
Phenelzine Phenytoin
Phenergan® Phenaphen®
Phenergan® Theragran®
Phenobarbital Pentobarbital
Phentermine® Phenytoin
Phenytoin Mephenytoin
Phenytoin Phenelzine
Phenytoin Phentermine®
PhisoHex® Fostex®
PhosChol® PhosLo®
PhosChol® Phosphocol®
Phos-Flur® PhosLo®
PhosLo® PhosChol®
PhosLo® Phos-Flur®
PhosLo® ProSom®
Phosphocol® PhosChol®
Phrenilin® Trinalin®
Physostigmine Prostigmin®
Pindolol Panadol®
Pindolol Parlodel®
Pindolol® Plendil®
Pipercuronium Pancuronium
Piperonyl Butoxide Permethrin
Pitocin® Pitressin®
Pitressin® Pitocin®
Placidyl® Pathocil®
Platinol® Paraplatin®
Plavix® Elavil®
Plavix® Paxil ®
Plendil® Pindolol®
Plendil® Pletal®
Plendil® Prinivil®
Plendil® Prilosec®
Pletal® Plendil®
Polycillin® Penicillin
Pondimin® Prednisone
Ponstel® Pronestyl®
Potassium Phosphates Sodium Phosphates
Pralidoxime Pramoxine
Pralidoxime Pyridoxine
Pramoxine Pralidoxime
Prandin® Avandia ®
Pravachol® Prevacid®
Pravachol® Propranolol
Prazosin Prednisone
Precare® Precose®
Precose® Precare®
Prednimustine Prednisone
Prednisolone Prednisone
Prednisone Methylprednisolone
Prednisone Pondimin®
Prednisone Prazosin
Prednisone Prednimustine
Prednisone Prednisolone
Prednisone Prilosec®
Prednisone Primidone
Prednisone Promethazine
Prelone® Pedia Profen®
Premarin® Primaxin®
Premarin® Provera®
Premphase® Prempro®
Prempro® Premphase®
Prepidil® Bepridil
Prevacid® Pravachol®
Prevacid® Prilosec®
Prevacid® Prinivil®
Preven® Preveon®
Preveon® Preven®
Prilocaine Prilosec®
Prilosec® Plendil®
Prilosec® Prilocaine
Prilosec® Prednisone
Prilosec® Prevacid®
Prilosec® Prinivil®
Prilosec® Proventil®
Prilosec® Prozac®
Primaxin® Premarin®
Primidone Prednisone
Prinivil® Plendil®
Prinivil® Prevacid®
Prinivil® Prilosec®
Prinivil® Proventil®
Priscoline® Apresoline®
Probencid Procanbid ®
Procanbid ® Probencid
Procardia XL ® Cartia XT ®
Procarbazine Dacarbazine
Prochlorperazine Chlorpromazine
Proctocort® ProctoCream HC®
ProctoCream HC® Proctocort®
Profen II® Profen LA®
Profen LA® Profen II®
Progesterone Medroxyprogesterone
Prograf® Gengraf®
Prokine® Proleukin®
Proleukin® Prokine®
Prolixin® Proloid®
Proloid® Prolixin®
Proloprim® Prolixin®
Proloprim® Protropin®
Prolixin® Proloprim®
Promazine Promethazine
Promethazine Chlorpromazine
Promethazine Prednisone
Promethazine Promethazine with Codeine
Promethazine with Codeine Promethazine
Promethazine Promazine
Pronestyl® Ponstel®
Pronestyl® Prostaphlin®
Proparacaine Propoxyphene
Propoxyphene Proparacaine
Propranolol Pravachol®
Propranolol Propulsid®
Propulsid® Propranolol
Proscar® ProSom®
Proscar® Prozac®
ProSom® PhosLo®
ProSom® Proscar®
ProSom Prozac®
Prostaphlin® Pronestyl®
Prostigmin® Physostigmine
Protamine Protopam®
Protamine Protropin®
Protonix® Lotronex®
Protopam® Pantopon®
Protopam® Protamine
Protopam® Protropin®
Protopam® Proloprim®
Protropin® Proloprim®
Protropin® Protamine
Protropin® Protopam®
Proventil® Bentyl®
Proventil® Prilosec®
Proventil® Prinivil®
Provera® Covera®
Provera® Parlodel ®
Provera® Premarin®
Provera® Provir®
Provir® Provera®
Prozac® Prilosec®
Prozac® Proscar®
Prozac® ProSom®
Psorcon® Psorion®
Psorion® Psorcon®
Pyrethrins Permethrin
Pyridium® Dyrenium®
Pyridium® Pyridoxine
Pyridostigmine Physostigmime
Pyridoxine Paroxetine
Pyridoxine Pralidoxime
Pyridoxine Pyridium®
Quarzan® Quazepam
Quarzan® Questran®
Quazepam Oxazepam
Quazepam Quarzan®
Questran® Quarzan®
Quinidine Clonidine
Quinidine Quinine
Quinine Quinidine
Ramipril Enalapril
Ramipril Monopril®
Ranitidine Ritodrine
Ranitidine Rimantadine
Ranitidine Amantadine
Ratgam Atgam®
Refresh® (breath drops) Refresh® (lubricant eye drops)
Refresh® (lubricant eye drops) Refresh® (breath drops)
Reglan® Megace®
Reglan® Regonol®
Regonol® Reglan®
Regonol® Regroton®
Regranex® Granulex®
Regroton® Hygroton®
Regroton® Regonol®
ReJuveness® Silicone Sheet ReJuveness® Adhesive Tape
ReJuveness® Adhesive Tape ReJuveness® Silicone Sheet
Renografin-60® Reno-M-60®
Reno-M-60® Renografin-60®
Reserpine Risperidone
Restoril® Vistaril®
Retrovir® Ritonavir
Revex® Nimbex®
Revex® ReVia®
ReVia® Revex®
Ribavirin Riboflavin
Riboflavin Ribavirin
Ridaura® Cardura®
Rifabutin Rifampin
Rifadin® Ritalin®
Rifampin Rifabutin
Rimantadine Amantadine
Rimantadine Ranitidine
Risperdal® Lisinopril
Risperidone Reserpine
Ritalin® Ismelin®
Ritalin® Rifadin®
Ritalin® Ritodrine
Ritalin LA® Ritalin SR®
Ritalin SR® Ritalin LA®
Ritodrine Ranitidine
Ritodrine Ritalin®
Ritonavir Retrovir®
Roferon-A® Imferon®
Robaxin® Rubex®
Roxanol® Roxicet®
Roxicet® Roxanol®
Rubex® Robaxin®
Salagen® (Aspirin, Buffered) retired in 1993 Salagen® (Pilocarpine) name reissued in 1994)
Salsalate Sucralfate
Salsalate Sulfasalazine
Sandimmune® (cyclosporine, USP) Neoral® (cyclosporine for microemulsion)
Sandimmune® Sandoglobulin®
Sandimmune® Sandostatin®
Sandoglobulin® Sandimmune®
Sandoglobulin® Sandostatin®
Sandostatin® Sandimmune®
Sandostatin® Sandoglobulin®
Sarafem® Serophene®
Sebex® Sebutone®
Sebex® Surbex®
Sebutone® Sebex®
Sectral® Factrel®
Sectral® Septra®
Seldane® Feldene®
Seldane D® Semprex D®
Selegiline Stelazine®
Semprex D® Seldane D®
Senokot® Depakote®
Septa® Septra®
Septra® Ceptaz®
Septra® Sectral®
Septra® Septa®
Seracult® Hemoccult®
Ser-Ap-Es® Catapres®
Serax® Eurax®
Serax® Xerac®
Serentil® Sinequan®
Serentil® Surgicel®
Serophene® Sarafem®
Seroquel® Serzone®
Serzone® Seroquel®
Simethicone Cimetidine
Sinarest® Allerest®
Sinequan® Serentil®
Slo-bid® Dolobid®
Slo-bid® Lopid®
Slo-bid® Lorabid®
Slow FE® Slow-K®
Slow-K® Slow FE®
Sodium Phosphates Potassium Phosphates
Solu-Medrol® Depo-Medrol®
Soma® Soma Compound®
Soma Compound® Soma®
Somatrem® Somatropin
Somatropin Somatrem®
Soriatane® Loxitane®
Stadol® Haldol®
Stelazine® Selegiline
Stilphostrol® Disophrol®
Sucralfate Salsalate
Sufenta® Alfenta®
Sufentanil Alfentanil
Sufentanil Citrate Fentanyl Citrate
Sulfadiazine Sulfasalazine
Sulfamethizole Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfamethoxazole Sulfamethizole
Sulfamethoxazole Sulfisoxazole
Sulfasalazine Salsalate
Sulfasalazine Sulfadiazine
Sulfasalazine Sulfisoxazole
Sulfisoxazole Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfisoxazole Sulfasalazine
Surbex® Sebex®
Surbex® Surfak®
Surfak® Surbex®
Surgicel® Serentil®
Surgilube® Lacrilube®
Sustacal® Sustaire®
Sustaire® Sustacal®
Symmetrel® Synthroid®
Synthroid® Symmetrel®
Tagamet® Tegopen®
Talacen® Timoptic®
Talacen® Tinactin®
Tambocor® Tamoxifen
Tamoxifen Tambocor®
Tamoxifen Pentoxifylline
Taxol® Paxil®
Taxol® Taxotere®
Taxotere® Taxol®
Tegopen® Tagamet®
Tegopen® Tegretol®
Tegopen® Tegrin®
Tegretol® Mebaral®
Tegretol® Tegopen®
Tegretol® Tegrin®
Tegretol® Tequin®
Tegretol® Toradol®
Tegrin® Tegopen®
Tegrin® Tegretol®
Temazepam Flurazepam
Temazepam Lorazepam
Temaril® Demerol®
Tenex® Ten-K®
Tenex® Xanax®
Ten-K® Tenex®
Tenormin® Imuran®
Tenormin® Norpramin®
Tenormin® Thiamine
Tequin Tegretol
Terbinafine Terfenadine
Terbutaline Tolbutamide
Terconazole Tioconazole
Terfenadine Terbinafine
Terramycin Garamycin®
Testoderm® Estraderm®
Testolactone Testosterone
Testosterone Testolactone
Tetracycline Tetradecyl Sulfate
Tetradecyl Sulfate Tetracycline
Theolair® Thyrolar®
Theragran® Phenergan®
Thiazide® Dyazide®
Thiamine Thorazine®
Thiamine Tenormin®
Thioridazine Thorazine®
Thorazine® Thiamine
Thorazine® Thioridazine
Thyrar® Thyrolar®
Thyrolar® Theolair®
Thyrolar® Thyrar®
Ticar® Tigon®
Ticar® Tigan®
Ticon® Ticar®
Tigan® Ticar®
Timolol Atenolol
Timolol Tylenol®
Timoptic® Talacen®
Timoptic® Viroptic®
Tinactin® Talacen®
Tioconazole Terconazole
TobraDex® Tobrex®
Tobrex® TobraDex®
Tolazamide Tolbutamide
Tolbutamide Terbutaline
Tolbutamide Tolazamide
Tolnaftate Tornalate®
Topic® Topicort®
Topicort® Topic®
Toradol® Inderal®
Toradol® Tegretol®
Toradol® Torecan®
Toradol® Tramadol
Torecan® Toradol®
Tornalate® Tolnaftate
Torsemide Furosemide
Tramadol Toradol®
Trandate® Trental®
Trandate® Tridrate®
Trental® Trandate®
Trental® Trientine
Tretinoin Trientine
Triad® (Zinc Oxide/Petrolatum/Mineral Oil) Triad® (Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine)
Triad® (Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine) Triad® (Zinc Oxide/Pterolatum/Mineral Oil)
Triamcinolone Triaminicin®
Triamcinolone Triamoline®
Triaminic® Triaminicin®
Triaminic® TriHemic®
Triaminicin® Triaminic®
Triaminicin® Triamcinolone
Triaminicol® Triamoline®
Triamoline® Triamcinolone®
Triamoline® Triaminicol®
Triamterene Trimipramine
Tridrate® Trandate®
Trientine Trental®
Trientine Tretinoin
Trifluoperazine Trihexyphenidyl
TriHemic® Triaminic®
Trihexyphenidyl Trifluoperazine
Trimipramine Triamterene
Trimox® Diamox®
Trimox® Tylox®
Trinalin® Phrenilin®
Tri-Norinyl® Triphasil®
Triphasil® Tri-Norinyl®
Tronolane® Tronothone®
Tronothone® Tronolane®
Troph-Iron® Trophite + Iron®
Trophite + Iron® Troph-Iron®
Tuinal® Luminal®
Tuinal® Tylenol®
Tussi-Organidin® Tussi-Organidin DM®
Tussi-Organidin DM® Tussi-Organidin®
Tylenol® Timolol
Tylenol® Tuinal
Tylenol® Tylox®
Tylox® Trimox®
Tylox® Tylenol®
Tylox® Wymox®
Tylox® Xanax®
Ultravate® Cutivate®
Unicap® Unipen®
Unipen® Omnipen®
Unipen® Unicap®
Unipen® Urispas®
Urex® Erex®
Urex® Eurax®
Uridon® Vicodin®
Urised® Urispas®
Urispas® Unipen®
Urispas® Urised®
V Cillin® Bicillin®
V Cillin® Wycillin®
Valacyclovir Valganciclovir
Valganciclovir Valacyclovir
Valsartan Losartan
Vancenase® Vanceril®
Vanceril® Vansil®
Vanceril® Vansil®
Vansil® Vanceril®
Vantin® Ventolin®
Vasocidin® Vasodilan®
Vasodilan® Vasocidin®
Vasosulf® Velosef®
Velosef® Vasosulf®
Ventolin® Benylin®
Ventolin® Vantin®
VePesid® Versed®
Verelan® Virilon®
Verelan® Vivarin®
Verelan® Voltaren®
Versed® Vistaril®
Versed® VePesid®
Viagra® Allegra®
Vicodin® Hycodan®
Vicodin® Hycomine®
Vicodin® Uridon®
Vidarabine Cytarabine
Vinblastine Vincristine
Vincristine Vinblastine
Vioxx® Zyvox®
Virilon® Verelan®
Viroptic® Timoptic®
Visine® Visken®
Visken® Visine®
Vistaril® Restoril®
Vistaril® Versed®
Vit K (vitamin K) K-Tab®
Vivarin® Verelan®
Volmax® Flomax®
Voltaren® Verelan®
Voltaren® Vontrol®
Vontrol® VoSol®
Vontrol® Bontril®
Vontrol® Voltaren®
VoSol® Vontrol®
Vytone® Hytone®
Wellbutrin® Wellcovorin®
Wellbutrin® Wellferon®
Wellcovorin® Wellbutrin®
Wellcovorin® Wellferon®
Wellferon® Wellbutrin®
Wellferon® Wellcovorin®
Wyamine® Wydase®
Wycillin® Bicillin®
Wycillin® V-Cillin®
Wydase® Wyamine®
Wymox® Tylox®
Xanax® Lanoxin®
Xanax® Tenex®
Xanax® Tylox®
Xanax® Zantac®
Xeloda® Xenical®
Xenical® Xeloda®
Xerac® Serax®
Yocon® Zocor®
Zantac® Xanax®
Zantac® Zarontin®
Zantac® Zofran®
Zantac® Zyrtec®
Zarontin® Zantac®
Zarontin® Zaroxolyn®
Zaroxolyn® Zarontin®
Zebeta® DiaBeta®
Zestril® Desyrel®
Zinacef® Zithromax®
Zincard® Gemzar®
Zithromax® Zinacef®
Zocor® Cozaar®
Zocor® Yocon®
Zocor® Zoloft®
Zofran® Zantac®
Zofran® Zosyn®
Zoloft® Zocor®
Zone-A Forte® Zonalon®
Zonalon® Zone-A Forte®
Zosyn® Zofran®
Zyban® Diovan®
Zyprexa® Celexa®
Zyprexa® Zyrtec®
Zyrtec® Zantac®
Zyrtec® Zyprexa®
Zyvox® Vioxx®

Proper labeling is one of the most important aspects of dispensing a prescription. The label must comply with state and federal regulations and should correctly and clearly convey all necessary information regarding dosage, mode of administration, and proper storage of the product. The quality of the labeling is extremely important to the patient’s perception of the quality of the product and may have profound implications for his or her safe use of the medication and compliance with the prescribed regimen.

Required Label Information

Most pharmacies have the name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy pre-printed on their prescription labels. In addition, federal and state (NC) regulations require that the following information appear on the label.

  • prescription (serial) number
  • date of initial dispensing
  • patient’s name
  • directions for use
  • name and strength of the drug product (or active ingredient(s) in a compounded prescription)
  • prescriber’s name
  • name of dispensing pharmacist
  • beyond-use date

Labels for controlled substances in schedule II, III, and IV must also contain the statement “Caution: Federal law prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed.” in the form of an auxiliary label.

Recommended Label Information

In addition to the information required by law, it is recommended that the following information also be provided on the prescription label.

  • Number of dosage units or volume of product dispensed
  • Number of refills allowed

You should consider these to be label requirements for the course.

Label Format

Presented below is an example of a proper label. This is the format which you should follow in the course.


UNC School of Pharmacy Chapel Hill, NC 7511 

Rx # 123456                                   Dr. Upendown

Pat Annsir                                          9/1/2101
Take one tablet every four to six hours as needed for pain.
Acetaminophen 325 mg, Codeine sulfate 15 mg/tablet (#30)
3 refills; Discard after 9/31/21
Dispensed by Y. Ourname R.Ph.


Other Labeling Guidelines

  • Indicate the dosage form to be administered.
    e.g. “Take one tablet every day.” instead of “Take one every day.”
  • Use words instead of numbers.
    e.g. “Take one tablet every day” instead of “Take 1 tablet every day.”
  • Express quantities to be administered in units which are familiar to the patient, and for which they are likely to have suitable measuring devices.
    e.g. “Take two teaspoonfuls every six hours.” instead of “Take 10 ml. …”
    In some instances it may be critical that an exact volume, such as 2.0 ml, be administered. In such a case, the pharmacist should provide a properly calibrated measuring device along with the medication.
  • Specify the route of administration if the medication is not intended for oral use.
    e.g. Insert one suppository vaginally every night at bedtime.
  • Do not use abbreviations.
    e.g. “Take two capsules twice a day.” not “Take two caps twice a day.”
  • Specify all active ingredients in a compounded prescription. Inert bases or vehicles may, but need not, be labeled.
  • In general, the amount of active ingredient per dosage unit should be specified. e.g. Inderal 2 mg/chart, Amoxicillin 250 mg/5ml., Phenergan 25 mg/suppository.
  • When dispensing medications in bulk, such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions, ointments, or creams, the amounts of active ingredients are expressed as a percentage strength. This is almost always true of topical preparations. e.g. Hydrocortisone cream 1% or Betadine solution 2%

Assigning Beyond Use Dates

Beyond use dates are different from expiration dates. Expiration dates are required on commercially manufactured products and are determined after extensive study of the product’s stability. Most expiration dates are given in years for commercial products. Beyond use dates are used for compounded preparations and are generally in days or months.

The major problem for pharmacists is that the stability of compounded formulations often is not known. Also,


  • Many instabilities cannot be detected without the use of analytic equipment. This is in contrast to incompatibilities that can be visually observed.
  • It is not possible to use a manufacturer’s expiration date and extrapolate or estimate a beyond use date for a compounded formulation. The compounded formulation probably will not be identical to the manufactured product; it may have a different drug concentration, use different diluents, be a different fill volume, and be packaged in a different container type.

If the compounded formulation is an official monograph in the USP/NF, the beyond use date given in the monograph can be used provided the procedure in the monograph was followed.

When an official monograph isn’t present, a systematic approach to assigning the date can be as follows:

Step 1. Beyond use dates should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s approved labeling. This means that the product was formulated according to the manufacturer’s directions, or that the formulation contains the same concentration of drug, in the same diluent, in the same packaging, for the same intended period of use, and so on.

Step 2. When this is not possible, a pharmacist ideally consults with the manufacturer to establish a beyond use date. The USP/NF Section <1206> Sterile Drug Products for Home Use, Storage and Beyond Use Dating directs that:

Most pharmacies have the name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy pre-printed on their prescription labels. In addition, federal and state (NC) regulations require that the following information appear on the label.

“Where possible, the beyond use date should be in accordance with allowances specified in the approved labeling. However, reliable, published stability information is sometimes lacking for many types of drugs. In these instances, pharmacists should consult with the drug’s manufacturer to establish a beyond use date. Because of compelling patient-care needs, a pharmacist may be unable to stay within the approved labeling and product guidelines stated in the package insert. For example, a higher concentration of drug may be prescribed; different diluent, container, etc., may be necessary; or the patient may require the HSD for longer periods of time. The pharmacist should communicate the deviations from the package insert to the manufacturer when requesting stability information. Otherwise, the pharmacist should ensure that the manufacturer’s stability information is product specific, that is, the exact strength, diluent, fill volume, and container type (PVC bag, plastic syringe, elastomeric infusion device, etc.) will be used by the pharmacist when preparing the HSD. Pharmacists should obtain a letter from the manufacturer certifying the beyond use dating period provided.”


Step 3. If the manufacturer cannot assist in assigning a beyond use date, the next step is to obtain published stability information from reference books or the primary literature. Direct extrapolation of the information to the specific compounded formulation requires that the scientific study data utilize the same drug source, the same drug concentration, and the same compounding procedures, stores the formulation in the same container, and has subjected the formulation to the same anticipated environmental variables.

A growing number of reference sources contain stability information, and the pharmacist should have ready access to this material. Some of the more common resources are:

  • Trissel’s Stability of Compounded Formulations
  • Trissel’s Handbook of Injectable Drugs
  • AHFS Drug Information
  • United States Pharmacopeia
  • Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
  • USP Dispensing Information
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Step 4. Many times the published references do not evaluate exactly the same formulation, or the study did not examine the stability for a long enough period of time. In other words, the evidence is not from a product-specific experiment. In this case, the USP34-NF29 Chapter <795> gives the following recommended beyond use dates for nonsterile compounded preparations that are packaged in tight, light-resistant containers and stored at controlled room temperature, unless otherwise indicated:

Water containing oral formulations:

The beyond use date is not later than 14 days when stored at controlled cold temperature.

Water containing topical/dermal/mucosal liquid and semisolid formulations:

The beyond use date is not later than 30 days.

Nonaqueous formulations:

The beyond use date is not later than the time remaining until the earliest expiration date of any API, or 6 months, whichever is earlier.

Label Examples


Sample Rx Comments

UNC School of Pharmacy
Chapel Hill, NC 27511


Rx #123456                               Dr.Upendown
Baby Stan Dupp                                     9/1/00
Empty contents of capsule into formula and give every four hours.
Hydrochlorothiazide capsules 5 mg/cap (#30)
2 refills; expires 9/31/00
Dispensed by Y. Ourname, R.Ph.

This prescription is for an infant, so the pharmacist has provided instructions for suitably administering the capsule. Always consider the possibility that a patient will be unable to swallow a solid dosage form especially if the patient is a child or an older adult.

UNC School of Pharmacy
Chapel Hill, NC 27511


Rx #123456                               Dr.Upendown
Luce Morals                                           9/1/00
Take one teaspoonful every eight hours.
Amoxicillin suspension 250 mg/5ml (150 ml)
No refill; expires 9/15/00
Dispensed by Y. Ourname, R.Ph.

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic and thus requires that the patient be instructed to complete the full course of therapy. It is also a suspension, and thus should be well shaken before administration. Finally, since it has poor chemical stability and a limited shelf-life, it should be kept refrigerated and any unused portion discarded after 14 days.
(Attach Finish All…)

UNC School of Pharmacy
Chapel Hill, NC 27511


Rx #123456                               Dr.Upendown
Mel Batost                                           9/1/00
Insert one suppository rectally every six hours
for nausea and vomiting.
Phenergan 25 mg/supp. (#10)
No refill; expires 9/31/00
Dispensed by Y. Ourname, R.Ph.

Auxiliary labels are used here to instruct the patient on proper medication storage and route of administration. Additionally, the patient should be verbally instructed to warm the suppository in his hand and remove the foil from the suppository prior to insertion.
(Attach Rectal…, Drowsiness, Do Not Freeze)

Auxiliary Labels

In addition to the information provided on the typed label, it is sometimes necessary to use auxiliary labels to provide supplementary information regarding proper and safe administration, use, or storage of the product. A few examples of auxiliary labels are presented in Remington’s and others are in the laboratory.

We have created this page so that you can become familiar with the pictures and symbols used in the dispensing of a product to the patient. These labels contain important information for the patient about the medication. These are just a few examples: