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Laboratory Procedure



                          Jacquelyn Hyde, MD                 Rx# 61111

                          123 Upendown Rd. 

                          Nowhere, NC  27000

Phone:  555-1234                                          DEA# AH0079411

Name:   Pat Annsir                           Date:     Today  

Address: 123 Della Street                    Phone:  555-5678 


         Acetaminophen        150 mg

         Mft. Troche # 24

         Sig: Dissolve one in mouth every 4 hours.

   Refills: 1 


  Product selection permitted                 Dispense as written


To make 24 lozenges:

Acetaminophen 150 mg
Nutrasweet 200 mg
Silica Gel 240 mg
Acacia 400 mg
PEG 1450 28 gm
Flavoring **

** Flavoring: concentrate, 30 drops; oil, 10 drops


Compounding Procedure

  1. Melt PEG on a steam bath (about 50°C).
  2. Mix the powders by geometic dilution and trituration.
  3. Sieve the powders through a 40 mesh screen into the melted PEG.
  4. Disperse the powders in the PEG with stirring. Remove from the heat.
  5. Let cool with constant stirring. Add flavoring.
  6. When mixture is very slightly warm to the back of the hand, pour into mold starting at the B2 position. Overfill the mold enough to cover the partitions between the wells. Spread the mixture with a warm spatula. Turn the spatula on it’s side and move over the mold back-and-forth ONE TIME. Don’t touch the spatula to the mold.
  7. “Polish” the cooled mixture in the mold with a hair dryer.
  8. Put wax paper over the lozenges, and close the cover. Disperse in a mold packet.