The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory
Spectrophotometry as an
Analytical Tool

How to Use the Spectronic® Genesys 5

Front View of the Spectronic Genesys 5

Main Keyboard of the Spectronic Genesys 5


Main Keyboard Key Functions

Name of key Function
ACC Sets parameters (e.g., auto increment, temperature) used to control the automated
accessory currently installed in the instrument
AUTO ZERO Sets the instrument to 0.0A or 100%T
CELL ^ Increments the Multi-Cell Holder one position
advance to position #1)
CELL (down arrow) Decrements the Multi-Cell Holder one position (from position #1, the holder will
advance to position #8)
CLEAR Clears the numeric or alphanumeric entry field, one chracter at a time
CONTRAST Controls the contrast of the display
ENTER Accepts the displayed entry
EXIT Backs up one screen in the software or out of the screen currently displayed.
Pressing the key causes the instrument to accept any valid changes made.
GOTO WL Sets the analytical wavelength
MINUS (-) Used for numerical entries
NUMBER KEYS Used for numerical entries
PERIOD (.) Used for numerical entries
PRINT Sends screen information or test results to the selected printer (internal or external
to the instrument)
SAMPLE ID Sets (changes and enters) a new sample identifier (alphanumeric)
SETUP TESTS Accesses the application program set-up screen, enabling you to enter instrument and
test parameters for the current test
TEST TYPES Loads a specific test, previously stored, from a Memory SoftCardTM or from the
instrument (default test)
UTILITY Accesses selected instrument functions (lamp interchange wavelength, time/date settings,
language, turning lamps on and off, printer / plotter devices, parameters for
RS-232-C port)

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