mortar and pestle
Robert P. Shrewsbury
Beard Hall, Room # 202B
  Quizzle is a learning aid.

Quizzle is a self-assessment tool for students.

It contains 480 multiple choice questions based on the 3rd edition of Applied Pharmaceutical in Contemporary Compounding, the textbook used in The Compounding and Pharmaceutics Laboratory.

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Quizzle is organized as "Quizzes" and "Categories."

If you select "Categories," a listing of all 32 categories with their descriptions and the number of questions will be presented.

If you select "Quizzes," you can select which categories you want in the quiz, and how many total questions will be in the quiz.

Quizzle keeps a record of which questions you have attempted, the quizzes you have taken, and provides feedback in both the "Category" and "Quiz" modes.