The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Solutions I:
Simple, Saturated, Syrups

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this exercise, you should be able to:

  • Define, give an example of, and/or classify examples of each of the following: Pharmaceutical Solution, Solute, Solvent, Saturated Solution, Supersaturated Solution, Macromolecular Solution, Syrups, Aromatic Waters, Mucilages, Aqueous Acids.
  • State at least six (6) pharmaceutical uses or applications of solutions.
  • Identify commonly used pharmaceutical solvents.
  • Identify at least three (3) necessary criteria of pharmaceutical solvents.
  • Make necessary calculations for, prepare, label, and dispense pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Define simple syrups, flavoring syrups, medicinal syrups, syrup USP, and caramelization.
  • List three (3) methods of preparing syrups.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to prepare a syrup by the "agitation with heat" method.
  • Describe alternative formulations for "syrups" prepared with non-sugar sweeteners and state their advantages and limitations.
  • Make necessary calculations and describe how to preserve a syrup using Alcohol USP.