The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory
Ointments: Preparation and
Evaluation of Drug Release

How To Pack An Ointment Jar

View a video demonstration on how to pack
an ointment jar

Prepare the ointment. Select an ointment jar that will just hold all of the formulation.
Begin by taking some ointment...
... and fill the bottom of the ointment jar. Use the spatula to put ointment into the crevices.
Continue adding ointment to the jar again using the spatula to put the ointment along the sides of the jar.
As you fill the jar, stab the spatula into the ointment a couple of times. This will reveal air pockets that may have formed.
Put the spatula halfway across the filled jar, and tilt in slightly. Rotate the jar...
...and this is make a professional looking finish on the top of the ointment.
Wipe off ointment from the threads of the jar.
Cap the ointment jar.