The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory
Ointments: Preparation and
Evaluation of Drug Release

Incorporating a Drug into an Ointment

View a video demonstration on incorporating a drug into an ointment

Prepare The drug is usually the smaller quantity of the two ingredients. So geometric dilution will be used to "dilute" the smaller quantity drug into the ointment. The drug in this demonstration is Calamine (the pink powder).
Add Add an amount of the ointment that is approximately equal in size to the Calamine.
Stir Spatulate the mixture.
Add more Add a second portion of the ointment to the spatulated mixture that is about the same size.
Keep Stiring Spatulate that mixture.
Mix Thoroughly Continue adding portion of the ointment to the spatulated mixture in approximately equal sizes until all of the ointment is used. Spatulate after each addition.