The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory

Using a Capsule Machine

The parts of a capsule filling machine are:
capsule loader
cap holder
base plates

To begin, the cap holder is placed on the base plates...

... and the capsule loader is filled with capsules. The loader will align the capsules so that the bottoms faces down in the base plate. The loader is used twice, since it only can hold 50 capsules at a time.

The cap holder contains the caps (shortest part) of the capsule, and the bodies of the capsules are in the base plates.

The plastic top of the cap holder is closed so the caps will not fall out when removed from the capsule bodies. The retention screws on the base plates are tighten to hold the capsule bodies as the cap holder is removed.

The cap holder is removed taking the caps with it ...

...while the capsule bodies remain in the base plates.

The retention screws are loosen which allows the capsule bodies to completely descend into the base plates.

The powder mixture is poured onto the base plates, and the scraper is used to spread the powder over the capsules.

The comb is used to pack the capsules. The complete filling process is a secession of scraping and packing...

...until all are uniformly filled. It is quite common to complete a filling a capsule with a variation of less than 1%.

The cap holder is fitted back onto the base plates, and the capsule cap are pushed only the capsule bodies.

When the cap holder is removed, the capsules are removed from the base plates...

...and ready to be analyzed and dispensed.